When drinking a cup of coffee, and you are about to take the last sip asks your self the 2 following questions:

1.        Do I want more?

2.        Do I need water to wash this coffee down?

Great coffee has screaming Aroma, full Body and Smooth finish. That is something missing in most of today’s coffee offered to you. That is why   in the late 90,s an entrepreneur named Tiger Alia, and after traveling and visiting hundreds of Coffee shops in the U.S and around the World he decided to start his own.   His mission was to provide his customer's with a perfect cup of coffee and delicious tasting espresso beverages all being consumed in an eco-friendly environment

     A lot people compare coffee to wine. Well, we don’t.  At Whispers Coffee and Tea we understand that coffee has a class of its own.   You can rest assured that only the top 2 % of the world’s finest Coffee make it into our cup.  That is why we let our Coffee beans tell you the story, a story that began  hundreds of years ago, when a goatherd named Khalidi living in Ethiopia discovered coffee by accident , and throughout the years how this bean was used in different way to produce coffee.   

   Understanding that coffee beans are so delicate and need  the perfect climate to thrive , we only select 100% Arabica beans cultivated at high altitudes no less than 3000 feet above sea level.

     We roast coffee in small batches to make sure that the roasting process brings out the oils and flavors from the inside of the bean and caramelize on the outside.  Once coffee is roasted it is then preserved in nitrogen bags where the one way valve protects the bean from outside air.

      We have a passion for coffee, and that is what you need to succeed in attracting the hearts of coffee lovers,. Please visit any of our convenient downtown chicago locations, 1031 N. State, or 520 N. Michigan to find out why "Great Coffee is just a Whisper away!"