Mission Statement

At Whispers Coffee and Tea you will not hear about our mission or our vision for the future of coffee. That's just corporate mumbo jumbo! We want to be the family and eco-friendly place you love to come to, to relax, unwind and sip away all of life's lil problems..

We Promise to...

1)Smile and welcome each and every person who graces our fine establishment.

2)Acknowledge you the most important person..our customer!

3)Educate you on what we consider to be the finest Gourmet Coffee experience on the planet!

4)Sell you the best cup of coffee, best espresso based beverage, most decadent pastries and gelato you will  ever experience in your life!

5)Talk to you our customer so we can better understand your gourmet coffee needs all in a courteous and professional way.

6)Appreciate you our customer, the most important part of our great Gourmet Coffee experience!

Sounds lofty? Well we don't think so! These six steps are our core values (SAESTA)..it keeps us grounded and ensures you will receive the finest gourmet coffee experience possible!


Great Coffee is just a Whisper away!